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Making it stick!

Jason Fitzpatick at Lifehacker has a summary of techniques to make your new year’s resolutions ‘stick’.

Becoming a Time Lord

Zen and the Art of General Practice Part Two Do you run on time? In our discussion on achieving ‘Zen’ in general practice, time pressure was identified as one of the most significant factors that decrease our enjoyment at work. It is a chief ‘zen-zapper’. No one benefits from a waiting room full of people.  […]

Intranets and dermatomes

There are some things that appear impossible to retain in ‘the fleshy tablets of the mind’. For me, that includes the map of dermatomes on the arms and legs. After 20 years, I still have to look them up each time. Safe and effective patient care can be improved by timely access to decision support […]

HipsterPDA meets fashion week

Cialis super active no prescription Last year I completed my own 10 year Odyssey. I had sailed past the Apple Newton, Palm Pilot versions 1, 2 and 3, and the Filofax – and I have settled on The HipsterPDA, which is the most functional organiser I have found. The Hipster faciliates easy data entry, has […]

Getting things done with the hipsterPDA

price of Asacol My office drawer houses a museum of superseded organisers. It includes the very first Apple Newton, an ‘ahead of its time’ pen-based computer, which I loved, but whose handwriting recognition capability was lampooned by satirists as diverse as Doonesbury and the Simpsons. There are a few old Palm Pilots, and two ‘Economisers’ […]

Winning the information war : Putting POEMS in your brain-attic.

With noble intention, a tower of worthy journals rises in a corner of my office. The information they contain is doomed to forever be trapped within their plastic envelopes. Whenever the tower achieves neurosurgical height, like a guilty developer I demolish it in the dead of night, disposing of potential life-saving gems of heritage value. […]