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Lifestyle changes for Diabetes Prevention – Long term results

Retin-A online Online Xenical buy 10-year follow-up of diabetes incidence and weight loss in the Diabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study : The Lancet: Lifestyle interventions for diabetes prevention continue to have benefits for patients 10 years down the track, according to recently published data from the Diabetes Prevention Program.

Lifestyle – Show and Tell

We do the real work in chronic disease management when we assist our patients to make lasting changes to their lifestyle. We can benefit from better tools and teams to support us in this task. buy Indocin What tools have you found useful? In the interests of ‘Sharing Generously and Stealing Shamelessly’, here is a […]

Walking the Great Wall

Order Disulfiram online buy Levitra Xenical 120 mg How would you like to walk the full 3200km of the Great Wall of China? That’s a mere 4 million steps. Our clinic began our virtual journey last Friday. We are well on our way to the first checkpoint, Zhangye. There has been little thanks for my […]

FancyName gets a Fancy Name – stepUp Coming Soon

Lasix no prescription Addendum : purchase Naltrexone stepUp.org.au esomeprazole price now online. In a previous post we forshadowed an open-source GP-based collaborative lifestyle project for patients to improve their fitness and lose weight. Thanks for all the feedback I have received. The project is based on what we have learned about system change. Improvements are […]

FancyName® – The GP Collaborative Guide to Health

purchase Strattera Premarin The year before last, my patient Kevin had a heart attack. Last year, he lost 18kg using the products of ‘A Big Weight Loss Franchise®.’ But last week, he was 5kg heavier than when he started! buy Asacol I seem to be having a lot of conversations with patients about weight loss. […]