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Making it stick!

Jason Fitzpatick at Lifehacker has a summary of techniques to make your new year’s resolutions ‘stick’.

St Jude strikes back – A perfect mess

get methotrexate Anti Viral Just when all seemed lost, and our efforts to achieve ‘stress-free productivity’ and a ‘time-efficient life’ seemed doomed, new hope dawns. The latest self-help bestseller is ‘A Perfect Mess – the hidden benefits of disorder’. (Eric Abrahsom and David Freedman) Apparently the truly efficient do not not waste time cleaning and […]

Looking Lean through Muda glasses

buy Ventolin How much time do you spend in ‘the Red Zone’ with your patients? What is your average doorknob to doorknob time? How long since you mapped your process flows? When is your third available appointment slot? I recently attended the Institute for Health Improvement’s 7th Annual Summit on Clinical Office Improvement, held this […]