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If You Snooze, You Lose

SnuzNLuzLFiles has previously discussed ways of waking up fresh in the mornings.

The team at where can i buy Plavix buy Disulfiram ThinkGeek order misoprostol online have come up with a new gadget to make sure you learn the message that when you snooze, you lose.

The Sn?zNL?z – Wifi Donation Alarm Clock will make sure you leap out of bed.

The SnuzNLuz connects wirelessly to the internet. It is preset with your back account details, and links this to the account of an organisation that you dislike.

Everytime you hit the snooze button for ‘just another 10 minutes rest’ – a donation is made on your behalf from your own account to that organisation!

How about a donation to the Japanese Whaler’s Association?

The Macquarie Bank Executives Retirement Fund?

That should turn us all into morning people!

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