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Proactive Office Encounters

How my Orthopaedic Surgeon saved me from Bowel Cancer Bob W will tell you that his life was saved from bowel cancer by his doctor. The surprising thing in Bob’s story is that he is referring to his orthopaedic surgeon! Bob is one of 8.6 million people cared for by Kaiser Permanente, a US health […]

IHI Clinical Office Practice Forum 2010

Each year the Institute of Healthcare Improvement buy Baclofen treating cancer tumors hold a major forum on Improving Clinical Office Practice. This year ‘Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community’ is the 11th such forum and will be held in Washington. I’m currently posting from AA76 LA to Washington Dulles, so will […]

Putting Guidelines into Practice

How can we bridge the ‘chasm’ between what the evidence tells us we should achieve in chronic disease, and what we manage to achieve in practice? (Cf NICS Gap Report) This is perhaps the key question that we are collaborating to answer. Ralph Audehm has directed us to a few recent articles that aim to […]

Cool Tools – Doctors Control Panel

This may be just the thing you’re looking for! Do you wish it was easier to provide proactive care? Do you get frustrated by the lack of features in your clinical software? “Yes”, said Anton Knieriemen (Vic Collabs, current wave) to these questions. And then he decided to fix the flaming thing. He wrote a […]

Fix the Flaming Thing

Proscar order buy misoprostol We’ve talked about the Zen concept of ‘Falling Forwards’. In Japan, they talk about ‘Kaizen’ – continuous improvement. Locally, the concept might be expressed as ‘Fix the Flaming Thing’ – FTFT for short. Some improvements require wholescale system changes. (The American Healthcare System, for example). But some very simple policy and […]

Becoming a Time Lord

Zen and the Art of General Practice Part Two Do you run on time? In our discussion on achieving ‘Zen’ in general practice, time pressure was identified as one of the most significant factors that decrease our enjoyment at work. It is a chief ‘zen-zapper’. No one benefits from a waiting room full of people.  […]

Design and the Doctor’s Surgery

Cialis super active no prescription The Radio National Program ‘By Design’ last week featured ‘Design and the doctor’s surgery’ and it may be worth a listen buy Cialis Professional online if you are constrained by the physical capacity of your premises. The RACGP has released a new ‘workbook’ on the subject ‘Rebirth of a Clinic: […]

Thinking Lean in Texas

Dallas, Texas: From your roving correspondent, currently attending the 9th Annual Institute of Healthcare Improvement Summit on Clinical Office Redesign, held this year in the Gaylord Texan Hotel, Grapevine, Dallas.This annual international conference attracts 1500 doctors and health administrators to discuss the latest issues in quality and improvement for ‘ambulatory’ care. The larger IHI conference […]

Access and the John West measure.

Access from the APCC point of view is about access to effective and **timely** care.  We will do the community an enormous service if we can increase the capacity of general practice to care for the health of that community.   If we are to demonstrate an improvement in ‘access’ to general practice, we need to […]

Zen and the Art of General Practice

buy premarin “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” I have recently had reason to think about Tom Marshall’s propositon that “General Practice is the best job in the world – you get paid for talking […]