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Making it stick!

Jason Fitzpatick at Lifehacker has a summary of techniques to make your new year’s resolutions ‘stick’.

Knowing is Not Enough

Knowing Is Not Enough: Executives and educators must act to address challenges and reshape healthcare. buy Mesalamine buy Viagra : This IHI document by Paul Bataldan et al outlines the five strategies to enable us to ‘think clearly and act decisively for better health, better care and better learning on the path forward.’ Focus on […]

Patient–Doctor Connectedness and the Quality of Primary Care

buy cytotec Nexium online purchase Lasix Common sense suggests that the quality of medical care would be better when a doctor knows a patient well and the patient sees the same doctor over time than when a patient sees several doctors who do not know the patient well. However, good studies are lacking to prove […]

Patient Knowledge of Coronary Risk Profile – Improving Outcomes

Patient self management is the key to achieving targets in chronic disease, as demonstrated in this study.

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