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You need a Chumby

Generic Paxil order Prozac online brand Levitra online ChumbyYou may not know it yet, but you need a Chumby – or you will when they are released into the wild real soon now.
A Chumby is a small touchscreen, enclosed in a stuffed fabric cube, that connects to your computer using your wireless network. It contains a squeeze sensor – so you can communicate with it by tapping or grabbing it, as well as by touching the screen.
You load ‘Widgets’ onto your Chumby that enable it to display just about anything you want – a slideshow of your photos, News Updates, the weather radar, recent movie trailers, your Google calendar, sports results…. The software that drives it is ‘open-source’, and it is easy to create your own widgets.
If you can’t wait till the official launch date, you can create your own virtual Chumby now at www.chumby.com

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