HipsterPDA meets fashion week

Cialis super active no prescription Levenger Pocket BriefcaseLast year I completed my own 10 year Odyssey. I had sailed past the Apple Newton, Palm Pilot versions 1, 2 and 3, and the Filofax – and I have settled on The HipsterPDA, which is the most functional organiser I have found. The Hipster faciliates easy data entry, has 100% handwriting recognition capability, unlimited RAM and requires no charging.

Regular readers know that it consists of a bulldog clip, a bunch of 5” x 3” index cards, and a pen. (For optimal efficiency, hipster afficiandos recommend the Fischer Space Pen (Bullet model), which packs small, opens large, and can write on any surface, at any angle.

A number of people (not including myself, mind you) might consider the original hipster a trifle unsophisticated to pull out at your next meeting with the Minister for Health. There are, however, some more fashionable solutions that offer (almost) the same functionality.

The Levenger International Pocket Briefcase is my current wallet of choice. It has a special writing service that dispenses fresh cards, with a sleeve to store your used ones. There is plenty of space for your cash, cards, receipts and ID, so you don’t need a separate wallet. It includes a pouch purposely designed to hold your Fischer Space Pen, and comes monogrammed in full grain leather.

Xenical 120 mg MoleskineThe Moleskine Memo Pocket also makes a great companion to a HipsterPDA or Pocket Briefcase. It is a pocket-sized accordion file folder, with six compartments in which you can organise your index cards, and an elastic band on front in which you can store fresh cards. It is great when you need to take your entire card collection on the road. buy misoprostol
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