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Tracking doctor starting times

Andrew Knight buy Baclofen online Asacol online Pain Relief How much of our capacity is lost bit by bit – chipped away in little inefficiencies? This story from Romsey Medical Centre appealed to me because it underlines a lesson it took me years learn. Here is how they tell it… “It’s hard to choose just […]

The Ultimate Time Management Guide for GPs

Apparently, GPs only have use of the same 168 hours per week as everyone else. How unfair! Hugh Kearns and Maria Gardiner have spent 10 years working with doctors to improve their psychological well-being and sustainability. They have also acted as consultants for a number of medical organisations including the APCC. They tell us that […]

Becoming a Time Lord

Zen and the Art of General Practice Part Two Do you run on time? In our discussion on achieving ‘Zen’ in general practice, time pressure was identified as one of the most significant factors that decrease our enjoyment at work. It is a chief ‘zen-zapper’. No one benefits from a waiting room full of people.  […]