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Multi Morbidity – Multipliers and Dividers

Multi Morbidity –  Multipliers and Dividers

What I learnt about Multi-Morbidity at the Primary Health Care Research Conference July 2013, by Andrew Knight

The Challenge Of Caring for Patients with Complex Needs

A new white paper on how to most effectively care for our patients with complex needs.

Three Features of High Quality Primary Care

People with access to three key features of high-quality primary care (comprehensiveness, patient-centeredness, and evening and weekend office hours) have a lower risk of death.

Patient Held Medical Records and the Care Calendar

Many practices have had success with Patient Held Medical Records. This can be used as the key component of a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangement. It can act as a communication tool between all providers involved in a patient’s care – are they all ‘on the same page’?. It can also contain information […]

Patient–Doctor Connectedness and the Quality of Primary Care

buy cytotec Nexium online purchase Lasix Common sense suggests that the quality of medical care would be better when a doctor knows a patient well and the patient sees the same doctor over time than when a patient sees several doctors who do not know the patient well. However, good studies are lacking to prove […]

‘Translate’ diabetes evidence into practice

The Collaborative program is a ‘complex intervention’ that has been shown to be effective. Which parts are the most important? The recent TRANSLATE trial tested the effectiveness of a ‘multi-component organisational intervention’ for diabetes patients in primary care practices. All practices in the study were provided with a report of their baseline measures and were […]

Molehills, Mountains and Change Management

Do you think this is helpful? Much of the work we do as clinicians involves behaviour change. In a recent purchase Tadalafil Health Report on Radio National, Norman Swan interviewed the American researcher Associate Professor Kent Harber. Prof Harber has done research on the affect the amount of social support and our available resources affect […]

Scoring a Birdie with Diabetes

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” – Oscar Wilde Like a new golfer, general practice is a frequent recipient of advice. Towers of guidelines rise threateningly above our desks, taunting us in their unopened plastic sheaths. Evidence floods our mailboxes […]