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Arthroscopy for degenerative meniscal tears

Arthroscopy for degenerative meniscal tears in middle aged patients is a common procedure. Does it help? No, not significantly, according to a recent systematic review in the CAMJ. There was a short term functional improvement that was not considered to be a ‘minimally important difference’. There was no difference in pain (short or long term) […]

What about me? Patient-Centred Outcomes Research

What about me? Patient-Centred Outcomes Research

Patient-Centred Outcomes Research aims to answer the ‘real world’ questions our patients ask.

The Challenge Of Caring for Patients with Complex Needs

A new white paper on how to most effectively care for our patients with complex needs.

Three Features of High Quality Primary Care

People with access to three key features of high-quality primary care (comprehensiveness, patient-centeredness, and evening and weekend office hours) have a lower risk of death.

Medicaid Medical Homes in North Carolina Save $894 Million

Medical homes stress continuity of care, ease of access, prevention, patient and caregiver engagement, and the use of electronic health record (EHR) software. Medical homes consist of multidisciplinary care teams, usually headed by a physician.

Take Me Seriously

Our most undervalued therapeutic modality – the act of taking our patients seriously.