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Molehills, Mountains and Change Management

Do you think this is helpful? Much of the work we do as clinicians involves behaviour change. In a recent purchase Tadalafil Health Report on Radio National, Norman Swan interviewed the American researcher Associate Professor Kent Harber. Prof Harber has done research on the affect the amount of social support and our available resources affect […]

Intranets and dermatomes

There are some things that appear impossible to retain in ‘the fleshy tablets of the mind’. For me, that includes the map of dermatomes on the arms and legs. After 20 years, I still have to look them up each time. Safe and effective patient care can be improved by timely access to decision support […]

Looking Lean through Muda glasses

buy Ventolin How much time do you spend in ‘the Red Zone’ with your patients? What is your average doorknob to doorknob time? How long since you mapped your process flows? When is your third available appointment slot? I recently attended the Institute for Health Improvement’s 7th Annual Summit on Clinical Office Improvement, held this […]