Tracking doctor starting times

Andrew Knight

buy Baclofen online Asacol online Pain Relief bolt-start-line.jpgHow much of our capacity is lost bit by bit – chipped away in little inefficiencies? This story from Romsey Medical Centre appealed to me because it underlines a lesson it took me years learn. Here is how they tell it…

“It’s hard to choose just one from the most worthwhile collaboratives journey, however, the one that most stands out in my mind is ‘Tracking doctor starting times’, the graphing of which named (and sometimes shamed) each doctor’s performance in this area.

It basically measured how long after the 1st booked appointment the doctor actually saw the first patient and drew direct correlations between this and session times blowing out.

It was painfully obvious that those doctors who regularly started their session late, finished even later, and those who started on time fared much better. As a result, we have seen a behavioural shift in ‘promptness’ which has benefitted everybody; the doctor (not feeling so stressed by the end of a session), reception (not copping so much abuse from patients), and patients (not having to wait as long to see the doctor).

If that’s not a win/win/win, I don’t know what is!!!”

It is a tribute to the healthy team Romsey has developed that they were willing to put themselves under the microscope to improve this area of their performance. As Tony Lembke says 15 minutes late is not on time (see “Becoming a Time Lord”).
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