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In healthcare everyone has two three jobs

In healthcare everyone has <strike>two</strike> three jobs

In healthcare, everyone has two three jobs: to do your work, to improve your work, and to work your team.

Leading Healthcare Innovation

Leading Healthcare Innovation

‘Leading Health Care Innovation’ is a collaboration of the editors of the Harvard Business Review and the New England Journal of Medicine. It is an eight-week online forum devoted to helping leaders, managers, and others in health care increase value by improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. The ‘insight center’ will run from Sept. 17 […]

7CCs and the Art of the Chronic Conditions Consultation

7CCs and the Art of the Chronic Conditions Consultation

The 7CCs is a new framework for conducting a Chronic Conditions Consultation.

And the Ig Nobel goes to …The Science of Beer Goggles

Shhh. The 1200 people packed into the Sanders Theatre at Harvard University put down their paper airplanes and signal to each other to be quiet. The time has come. Five genuinely bemused, genuine Nobel Laureates are about to announce the 2013 Ig Nobel Prizes for science. The Ig Nobels were first awarded by the magazine […]


A Day in the Life of General Practice, 2016

The Improvement Organisation and the Medicare Local

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort” John Ruskin Medicare Locals aim to improve the health of their communities. They will be ‘system redesigners’ for primary care, creating a more equitable, joined up system. And they will work to improve the quality and capacity of the GPs, specialists, allied […]

Making the Most of Webinars

Making the Most of Webinars – Harvard Business Review As the technology improves, many educational and other meetings are being offerred as Webinars. This a great improvement over flying around the countryside to attend in person if the organisers design the content with the webinar format in mind, and if the participants don’t take the […]

Alfabeto Medico

Will sent me this and seemed to think it was amusing. Looks perfectly fine to me.

What’s In Coke

You may never look at a can of Coca-Cola in the same way again after reading What Coke Contains by Kevin Ashton. The manufacture of a can of Coke begins in Pinjarra, Western Australia and ends in your local corner store via Greenland, Atlanta, Africa and South America.”The number of individuals who know how to make […]

Tools for Practice

Tools for Practice

My favourite podcast is the Therapeutics Education Collaboration Mike Allan is part of the podcast team, and is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, He leads a group at the Alberta College of Family Physicians that produces “Tools for Practice“, a biweekly article summarizing medical evidence with a focus on […]