In healthcare everyone has two three jobs

TrianglePaul Batalden, one of the father’s of Quality Improvement in health care, is known for saying that in healthcare, everyone has two jobs: to do your work and to improve your work.

I would add a third.

Our patients benefit from a joined up health system that works as one.

We want every person to be able to partner with the care team that they need to best look after their health.

And we want that care team to be integrated, so that every provider has the information and resources they need to provide the best care that they can for that person.

So, as well as providing the best care that we can, and constantly seeking to improve the care that we provide, we should also make sure that the other members of our patient’s care team have what they need to do their own three jobs.

In healthcare, everyone has three jobs: to do your work, to improve your work, and to work your team.

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