Making the Most of Webinars

Making the Most of Webinars – Harvard Business Review

As the technology improves, many educational and other meetings are being offerred as Webinars.

This a great improvement over flying around the countryside to attend in person

  • if the organisers design the content with the webinar format in mind, and

  • if the participants don’t take the opportunity to play Angry Birds or to get their email to ‘InBox Zero’.

This article in Harvard Business Review provides a guide to making the most of Webinars.

For participants

  • Make sure you choose Webinars likely to be of value to you
  • Watch with a group
  • Take notes as if you have to teach the subject to others
  • Use the technology to ask questions, and use the webinar to network.

For organisers

  • Choose topics carefully
  • Focus on training
  • Create opportunites for dialog
  • Provide incentives for participants to demonstrate their mastery

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