A chronic problem for the health service


The NHS needs a major overhaul if the UK is to cope with the needs Clonidine Online of people with long term conditions, according to Sir John Oldham.

Sir John is in charge of the team in the UK’s NHS which aims to improve how the national health service deals with Long Term Conditions and Urgent Care
The team has two central objectives in this area. The first is a set of target for GPs to reduce unscheduled admissions of patients with long-term conditions by a 20% by the end of 2013/14. Furthermore, A&E attendance also had to be cut by 10% and length of stay by 25 per cent.

The buy Tadalafil second component of the strategy is patient empowerment. The QIPP team says it wants to “maximise the number of patients controlling their own disease through systematic knowledge transfer and care planning”.

Sir John established the Primary Care Collaboratives in the UK and was instrumental in their introduction treat breast cancer to Australia.

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