The Smartpen

smartpen.pngUp until now, I thought my Fisher space pen was the ultimate in pen geek, especially when combined with the Proscar without prescription hipsterPDA.

But, alas, it has been usurped by the Smartpen price of Asacol buy brand Levitra . ( – A computer in a pen!

With the Smartpen , you can take notes, like an ordinary pen. (the Smartpen requires special paper, which you can print yourself)

Unlike a normal pen, the Smartpen also contains a microphone and an infrared camera. It records whatever is being written and makes an audio recording of what is being said at that same time.

At any subsequent time, you can touch your Smartpen on the particular written words on the page, and it will playback what was being said at the time.

So, in a consultation, if you make a note ‘abdominal pain’, you can later touch that word with your pen and it will replay what your patient actually said.

At a lecture, you can make brief notes, and if you later need clarification you can touch the appropriate word (or diagram) and you will hear the explanation given by the lecturer at the time you made the note.

How about that?

Furthermore, at the end of the day you plug your pen into your computer (!) All the pages you have written are automatically uploaded into the computer, and stored. No scanning required. The audio file is also uploaded, so you can still click on any word on the page (with your mouse), and hear what was happening at the time. You can also search your stored pages for particular words.

So, don’t take your laptop to a meeting – just your smartpen and the special pad.

(I’m not sure that I’ve ever gone back and looked at any notes I’ve made in a lecture. Perhaps with the smartpen I would.)

For those docs still using paper records, perhaps they could write their notes on the special paper and then automatically load them into the computer at the end of the day.

The smartpen does some other cool things that enable you to show off with style, always an important consideration with a new gadget. Draw a piano keyboard on a page, and then actually play it with your pen. Write 10 x 4, and the smartpen will come out with 40.

Can you think of a use for the Smartpen to improve your practice?

Let us know below.
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