Diabetes in the Big Apple


Hot Dogs and Soda

New York has 500,000 diagnosed people with diabetes, and is considered pro-active in diabetes care.

How are they going?

Not so well, according to a recent study. 90% are not meeting their targets for HbA1C, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
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…many of New York City’s medical institutions are failing to meet nationally recognized standards for managing diabetes.

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Hot Pastrami on Rye, anyone?

The new study stresses the need to create environments that foster healthy eating and encourage physical activity. Chronic disease is common in settings where junk food abounds, fresh produce is scarce, and opportunities for physical activity are lacking. Conversely, environments that encourage exercise, discourage smoking and provide better food choices can improve people’s health. Physical activity and nutrition programs have been shown to reduce the progression to diabetes in those at highest risk by 60%

Reported in Diabetesincontrol.com

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