How safe is your prescribing?

Professor owlWe know that there is a large gap between the evidence of how medications should be used, and what happens in practice.

It is estimated that between 2 and 3% of hospital admissions in Australia are medication related.

What can we do about it?

In a study published this month in the MJA, Gillian Caughey and colleagues looked at the prevalence of suboptmal medication management in 164,000 patient admission over 5 years. They have developed evidence-based medication-related indicators of suboptimal processes of care before hospitalisation that are specific to the Australian health care setting.

Using these indicators, 25% of admissions were preceded by suboptimal medication management.

This paper recommends that routine prospective monitoring of these clinical indicators would provide a means for quality improvement in the management of common chronic conditions.

I can feel a collaborative coming on.

Suboptimal medication-related quality of care preceding hospitalisation of older patients | Medical Journal of Australia

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