Postcard from UK – GP Commissioning

Hein Le Roux and his wife Emma and family have recently returned from a stint in Grafton to work as GPs in the England.
While here, Hein was a collaborative star, presenting his change ideas at a number of workshops.
In the UK, as well as general practice, he will also be doing ‘stuff’ with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement.

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This is the first in what we hope will be a series of ‘Postcards from UK’. The UK experience in ‘commissioning’  may be invaluable to us as we enter the new world of Medicare Locals. There is nothing like having a gude to walk in front – and fall into all the hidden traps before we do. GP Commissioning sounds like a particularly perilous trek. buy Cialis soft tabs

Lots on changes to the way we work aiming to reduce health inequality, improve care quality and control costs –  all of which they call ‘GP led Commissioning’.

It is about getting clinical engagement to improve service commissioning (eg hospital services) and greater GP accountability for the health care budget – what is spent and the outcomes achieved.

At present we do what we like (referrals, prescribing etc) with little accountability. As a result there are many ways of doing things and care quality is variable whilst health care costs are out of control.

Although I can see the merits in some of this, there will need to be a massive cultural change in how we GPs think. All the practices in an area (consortium) will be paid part of their income based on a ‘quality premium’ determined by how we all do. In our area that is 85 practices covering 600 000 people – is quite scary. Like a super-collaborative with big teeth. Needless to say collaboration will be the key to success.

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