Self Management of Hypertension

Patients with uncontrolled hypertension attain better control with self-titration of medications and automated telemonitoring by clinicians, according to order Lasix a Lancet study Plavix buy .

Investigators randomized some 500 patients from 24 general practices to self-titration and telemonitoring or to usual care for 1 year. Patients had blood pressures above 140/90 mm Hg despite taking one or two antihypertensive drugs. Intervention patients took pressure readings each morning during the first week of the month. If readings were above the target of 130 systolic for 2 consecutive months, drug dosages were adjusted according to a pre-agreed titration schedule without seeing the family doctor.

By 12 months, mean systolic pressure had dropped 17.6 mm Hg in the intervention group versus 12.2 among controls. Intervention patients were prescribed more drugs over the course of the year than controls — especially calcium antagonists and thiazides. Side effects were largely similar between groups.

An editorialist concludes that wide use of this strategy “is not far off on the horizon.”

(as reported by Physician’s First Watch,
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